Dr Rachelle Binny

Keynote speaker

Rachelle is a mathematical biology researcher at Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, as well as a Principle Investigator at Te Pūnaha Matatini, a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence for Complex Systems and Networks.

She’s passionate about using mathematical models to solve problems arising in biology. Her current research combines theory with real-world data from ecological systems, in the context of New Zealand conservation and pest management. In particular, she’s interested in how biodiversity responds to small mammal pest control in New Zealand’s eco-sanctuaries, as well as under other major control regimes.

At Crazy & Ambitious 2, Rachelle’s keynote is on Tuesday 21 May under the Whakahou session: Restoration trajectory; are we all going in the same direction?

Rachelle completed her Bachelors with Honours degree at the University of Dundee (Scotland) and a Marsden-funded PhD at the University of Canterbury with Michael Plank, Alex James and Mat Simpson.

She was then a postdoctoral researcher at Manaaki Whenua, working closely with Andrea Byrom, John Innes, Roger Pech, Alex James and Neil Fitzgerald, before taking on her current researcher position.

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