Kelvin Hastie

Keynote speaker

Kelvin Hastie, Community Champion

The driving force behind Crofton Downs Predator Free – New Zealand’s first predator-free community – Kelvin’s mantra is: if we all work together, anything can happen. His aim is to put an end to cyclical pest control in his community.

At Crazy & Ambitious 2, Kelvin’s keynote is on Monday 20 May during the Whakamana (empower) session: Empowering people to protect and restore te taiao (the environment).

With 92% of Wellingtonians unconditionally for a predator free New Zealand, Kelvin will pose the question: what does this mean for the movement?

“With similar rates of enthusiasm being shown around the country, is it time to take stock and make the shift required to get us to this goal in the most efficient way. What does it mean for other Biosecurity problems and their relationship to social licence,” he says.

Kelvin will explain the journey he took with New Zealand’s first predator free community – Crofton Downs – and how this translates to a more abundant, resilient Aotearoa for land and people. The success of Crofton Downs Predator Free was built on the four pillars of empowerment, place, visualisation and open data, and sparked his enthusiasm to scale-up.

With the assistance of the NEXT Foundation, a partnership was formed with Wellington’s city and regional councils, and Predator Free 2050 Ltd, and the concept of Predator Free Wellington became reality. In June 2019, the first official stage beyond the community work will begin on the Miramar Peninsula, with the removal of rats and mustelids.

Kelvin has been assisting Biosecurity 2025 on a goal to get 4.7 million people working in biosecurity, with a view of this community-led model being utilised across the wider biosecurity landscape.

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