Danbi Cho

Keynote speaker

Mi’kmaw citizen; Member of the Miawpukek First Nation, Conne River Newfoundland, Canada, Danbi Cho.

Danbi Cho has dedicated his career to indigenous community development, with numerous projects aimed at advocacy and advancing reconciliation throughout Canada. His research has helped develop insights and best-practice models for organisations such as Teach for Canada, the Canadian Council for Aboriginal business and numerous other government agencies as well as community initiatives.

  • At Crazy & Ambitious 2, Danbi is the opening keynote for the evening networking function event: Indigenous environmental concerns in a shrinking world. Sponsored by Te Tira Whakamātaki

Entitled Enriching environmental science with indigenous knowledge, Danbi will discuss how indigenous-led initiatives provide opportunities to enhance positive outcomes for whole communities.

Using the guiding principles of “Two-Eyed Seeing”, Danbi will illustrate how marrying a western approach to science with indigenous knowledge can form a decolonising approach to tackling environmental and social challenges.

His talk will highlight the importance of honouring and adopting indigenous knowledge. Also how enriching environmental science with traditional indigenous knowledge (two-eyed-seeing) is having positive impacts, especially now that Canadians are embracing collaborative approaches with indigenous peoples towards biodiversity conservation.

As the Director of Impact and Learning, Danbi leads Teach for Canada’s community-focused impact assessment which develops the building of internal systems for sharing knowledge.

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