Ko Tātou This Is Us joins Crazy & Ambitious 2

A very big welcome to our newest Crazy & Ambitious 2 supporter – Ko Tātou This Is Us, Biosecurity 2025.  

At the end of September 2018, MPI’s Biosecurity 2025 launched a new programme that sets out to build a biosecurity team of all New Zealanders. The programme includes an independent biosecurity brand, Ko Tātou This Is Us and a supporting public campaign.

The campaign highlights the personal connection of biosecurity to people’s lives and demonstrates that every New Zealander has an essential role in helping to protect Aotearoa from pests and diseases.

Ko Tātou This Is Us, aims to connect all biosecurity participants and existing programmes and activities across the system, whilst also encouraging more programmes to emerge. The brand can be used by businesses, organisations, iwi and community groups to show how they are committing to biosecurity or to promote their biosecurity-related programmes and activities.

Come along and learn more about Ko Tātou This Is Us and listen to a powerful line-up of speakers including MPI’s Head of Biosecurity New Zealand Roger Smith.

Find out more about the Ko Tātou This Is Us and how you can be involved, visit thisisus.nz